Why do we collect your personal information?


• When you order we will need to know your name, e-mail address and regular mailing address. Of course, when paying by credit card, we need that number and the expiration date as well as the cvv on the reverse of the card. When you order, you are giving us your consent to use and store this information for our business objectives, which is turn, is to fill your order as quickly as possible.


• We also use the information we collect to occasionally notify you about important changes to our site or when we offer new items, specials etc. We will also send you monthly catalogs of our current inventory. If you do not wish to receive these updated e-mail or regular mail listings, simply send us an e-mail asking us to remove you from our email list.


• We also use this information to make your ordering experience simple and easy, without the repetitive typing.


How do we protect your information?

When you place your order it is transferred through our secure server, which encrypts the information while it travels through the internet. Once received, the information is only seen by our reliable and honest staff for the sole purpose of processing your order as quickly as possible.


Do we release your information?

At HH Rarities, we will NEVER sell, lease or trade any customer information with any other person or business (private, public or otherwise) and will not release customer information except to the customer himself/herself. In rare circumstances, we will confirm customer creditworthiness to another dealer in our trade. This is standard industry practice, and involves nothing more than a confirmation that we have or have not done business. Typically, this is done upon the request of the client.


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